The alpha’a mission

To guarantee ownership and transactional history on the full chain of custody of an artwork

Authenticity and certification have always been an issue in the visual arts collectables market Millenials and Centenials are skeptical about lack of information and pricing rationale in the visual arts.

Authenticity and certification for visual arts

How it works

Introducing a simple certification solution, guaranteeing edition ownership, transactional history on the full chain and easy trading

Easy trading

A QR code on the back of the edition links back to the platform and the owner can login with his unique credentials to transfer ownership of that work.

Unique identifier

The purchaser of a work automatically receives a unique identifier, giving him access to that work’s token.

Trust system

This mechanism creates a trust system in which the work and token must have the same owner in order to have any trading value.

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Manuela Seve

Founder and CEO of Alpha'a Inc.

Manuela Seve is the founder and CEO of Alpha’a. With a background in finance, Manuela worked as an equity analyst at Gávea Investments, one of Brazil’s most reputable investment management firms. Manuela’s trajectory in the art world began at an early age; she comes from along line of art collectors with a foothold in the Latin American art market. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Manuela received her Economics degree from IBMEC in Rio de Janeiro. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

Renata Thomé

Partner and COO of Alpha'a Inc.

Renata Thomé is partner and COO of Alpha’a. Renata brings an extensive network of collectors, artists and dealers to her work. Before joining Alpha’a she worked for major New York City galleries and auction houses including David Zwirner and in the Latin American art department at Christie’s. Previously, Renata worked as an art consultant for the online auction house Paddle8. Renata was born in Sao Paulo and currently lives in London.