The alpha’a mission

To guarantee ownership and transactional history on the full chain of custody of an artwork

Authenticity and certification have always been an issue in the visual arts collectables market Millenials and Centenials are skeptical about lack of information and pricing rationale in the visual arts.

Authenticity and certification for visual arts

How it works

Introducing a simple certification solution, guaranteeing edition ownership, transactional history on the full chain and easy trading

Easy trading

A QR code on the back of the edition links back to the platform and the owner can login with his unique credentials to transfer ownership of that work.

Unique identifier

The purchaser of a work automatically receives a unique identifier, giving him access to that work’s token.

Trust system

This mechanism creates a trust system in which the work and token must have the same owner in order to have any trading value.

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Manuela Seve

Founder and CEO of Geração Alpha

Initiated her carreer in finance (Fundamental Equity analysis at Gavea Investments) and has always been involved in the Latin American art scene through her family, the Seve family is one of the most traditional players in Brazilian modern art. Her experiences in the startup space include the founding of Geração Alpha, alongside other enterprises such as the think tank Quinto (an organization created to Brainstorm and execute projects in the M&A and VC universe).

Renata Thomé

Partner and COO of Geração Alpha

Has access to collectors, artists, dealers and many other art professionals. Her past experiences include major galleries, and auction houses (David Zwirner & Christies) alongside the development of built to suit projects for the art Start Up Paddle 8. Renata is a specialist on aesthetics and spearheads Alpha'a's artist acquistion and sustainability initiatives. She holds a masters degree from Christies education in modern contemporary art and business.